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Hosting is like renting space on the internet. Your website needs a place to live, and hosting provides that.

The Domain name is that space address, for example, your-website.com.

We offer the website design for free, but the hosting involves costs for maintaining the site’s availability on the internet. Think of it like getting a free phone but paying for the monthly service.

We aim to allow people to make their ideas come true on the internet for as low a price as possible with a lot of possibilities and freedom!

The hosting fee depends on whether you’d like to have a personal, blog, business website, or e-commerce / online store. This fee covers all technical aspects and ensures your website stays online with the optimal amount of server resources. 

The fee goes to the external hosting provider company.

There are no hidden fees. The hosting charge includes one year plan for hosting and domain, and later on, you can decide whether to renew them or not.

Absolutely! Please suggest a domain name you’d like during the checkout process, and we’ll secure it for you if it’s available or discuss the alternatives if the one you want is already taken.

If you already own a domain name and want to use it, let us know while ordering.

No technical background is needed! We’ll take care of the technical things, and you can start to prepare to share your fantastic content with the world.

Usually, you can start customizing your website and start adding content within 48 hours. We’ll send you all the login details and help you to get started!

Yes! After we deliver your website, you can start editing, renaming, and removing anything you like. The website is entirely yours and you are responsible for it.

Yes, all our templates are mobile-responsive, ensuring a seamless experience on all devices.

Yes, you will have full ownership of your website and its files, so you can move out anytime.

Once the website is ready for you to use, you can easily do changes inside WordPress. If you feel lost or need somebody to put you on the road, feel free to contact us!

Not at all! Elementor is a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. We’ll provide a simple guide, and there are many tutorials available online.

Yes, you can add a shop or any other feature to your shop anytime! Usually, it takes just a few clicks to have an additional feature installed on your website.

Yes, you will have full access to control your hosting account and services.

Other questions

At the moment we do not offer such a service, but we are planning to offer it in the future.

On the other hand, if you feel like needing help, contact us and we’ll check what we can do.

Every website needs a physical space (server) where it lives. This space is provided by external hosting providers that ensure reliability. The initial fee covers one year of hosting and domain services. 

If you decide to not renew your services after one year, your website will no longer work.

We prioritize your website’s security. We include an SSL certificate (that’s the padlock you see in the browser) to ensure data safety, and we choose reliable hosting providers known for their security measures. 

Additionally, we will do the necessary security measurements inside your website before passing the ownership to you. 

However, make sure that each plugin you install has good reviews and is trusty

We choose high-performance hosting providers, use lightweight themes, and optimize images and scripts. We also provide caching solutions to ensure fast page load times.

Yes, your whole website (files and database) will be backed up by the hosting provider, and backup could be restored anytime from the hosting panel.

  • Personal, blog & business websites will have weekly backups.
  • E-commerce and online stores will have daily backups.

Additionally, before forwarding the website to you we will create a backup – just in case.

Your hosting will have a storage limit, however, we are choosing the appropriate amount of space for you. If you’ll need more storage space in the future, you can do that by upgrading your hosting plan.

All our templates are SEO-friendly. Moreover, we will install an SEO plugin that you can use to specify the keywords, and description and get tips for each page, product, or post.

We do not provide a money-back guarantee because, after your order, we pay the fee to the external hosting provider and create a website for you. 

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Technical Questions

All hosting packages that we use come with an unlimited amount of bandwidth.

Our selected hosting provider includes CDN which we will use for your domain name.

We utilize a mix of premium and free themes/plugins. The specifics depend on the template you choose. All the tools we provide are optimized for performance and security.

A few examples of the plugins we install:

  • Elementor
  • LiteSpeed
  • WordFence
  • All-in-One SEO
  • WP Mail SMTP
  • Google SiteKit

and more.

Absolutely. Your WordPress site is fully customizable, allowing you to integrate third-party tools or APIs as per your needs.

Yes, SSH access will be available for you.

Yes, Cron Jobs can be set up from your hosting panel.

The hosting provider takes the necessary security measures to prevent or handle attacks.

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